Jenny Lindfire

A Natural, Organic Termite Treatment That Really Works

You know what they still say; you’ve tried the rest, now, try the best. And it is, quite literally so. There is no other known termite treatment that acts as effectively as this one. While the world’s most beastly termite colonies have learned to lap up all manner of chemicals and toxins that have instead caused grievous harm to vulnerable humans, especially the little ones and their pets, and to their surrounding natural environments, they have also lapped up this poison.

But to devastating effect, as it turns out for them. There is something about the natural poison that termites cannot resist. They turn to it like bees to the pollen of sunflowers. But while bees go off to do something productive, like make honey for our favorite health teas and desserts, these termites greedily consume the natural poison known as chlorantraniliprole as if it was their last meal on earth. Like the many species of bees on earth, the termites and their close cousins, the ants, are natural born survivors.

There is even a saying about one of the world’s most hideous pests, cockroaches. If ever there was a devastating nuclear war, the cockroaches would survive that. They too are formidable fighters and like termites, all the great poisons manufactured by man have no effect on them. Similar natural ingredients have also been developed to wipe out the cockroaches. As to chlorantraniliprole being the termites’ last meal on earth, it really is.

The poison leaves the tree hugging and tree-munching pests quite numb and paralyzed, debilitating their abilities to survive and thrive. In order to survive, the termites need to continue feeding. The irresistible taste of this natural poison gets passed on to other termite colonies, word gets around, even for insects, and consequently, new hordes are wiped out too. No-one really knows whether these insects die a slow and cruel death or quite quickly, but either way, it takes around three months before the home is quite free from termites.

termite treatment

The after effects last for years. Not a bug in site for years to come.